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Flirtatious & Feminine

  I know it is fall and all but I am absolutely loving nude this season! I think the summer trends are spreading out into the fall/winter months! Do you agree? Direct links to shop this look are below! Shop This Look:  (Click Photo To Purchase Item)   Read more…

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Body Slimming Silhouette

 Black will stop being my favorite color when they make a darker color!!!! The struggle of adding color to my wardrobe will always continue to be my main fashion struggle but until they make a darker color I think I am okay with that!!! Can you relate?!?!? Details and and direct links to shop this […] Read more…

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OOTD: Orange & Gold

 So this outfit is definitely not for fall but I live in SoCal so I guess it is lol!! I have been waiting for fall to start but Los Angeles thinks its still summer with a high of 80 degrees. So I opted in for a summer look!!! I actually never wear orange and thought […] Read more…