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OOTD: Carefree & Casual

So I am not one for fall/winter months I am not one for the cold but I can say I am actually looking forward to the cool down which (if you know me) is a huge shocker to hear me speak of excitement over such a thing! Although I am ready I don’t think Cali […] Read more…

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Body Slimming Silhouette

 Black will stop being my favorite color when they make a darker color!!!! The struggle of adding color to my wardrobe will always continue to be my main fashion struggle but until they make a darker color I think I am okay with that!!! Can you relate?!?!? Details and and direct links to shop this […] Read more…

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OOTD: Purple Floral Skirt

 Who doesn’t love a backless top and a pencil skirt. I think Kim K. ultimately changed this look for good. She killed it this summer in all her backless tops and pencil skirts. Half the time my outfits are definitely inspired by her. I could care less what the haters say she has changed the […] Read more…