OOTD: Monday Chic



I love Monday’s!! I mean I really love Monday’s!!! I know most people hate them but I have always loved Monday’s. I feel like it the first of January every Monday. A chance to start again, reinvent yourself, refresh and start back on a good foot and get done what you have been putting off. I load up my Monday’s with activities because it is such a great feeling to start the week off on a good foot. Nothing better than feeling accomplished. It is also great to start the week out dressing your best because when you feel great you do great!! I hope you are all having an amazing and productive Monday! I have listed below the details for the outfit as well as direct links to buy similar if not the same piece!! 






Outfit Details:
Top & Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Lola Shoetique
Earrings: LiLi’s Boutique

Shop This Look:

FireShot Screen Capture #036 - 'Frilled Tie-Neck Chiffon Blouse - CLICK I YESSTYLE' - www_yesstyle_com_en_info_html_pid_1034845289FireShot Screen Capture #037 - 'Textured Bodycon Peplum Mini Skirt_ Charlotte Russe' - www_charlotterusse_com_product_Textured-Bodycon-Peplum-Mini-Skirt_268296_uts_cid=ps_nonbrand_Google&adpos=1o3&creative=5322153FireShot Screen Capture #038 - 'Shoes - Heels - Lola Shoetique' - www_lolashoetique_com_heels_#___=1&page=3

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