Get Discounted Mac Products (No License Needed)


So it was my best friends 30th bday and we spent the weekend in Steam Boat Springs, Co. Driving back into Denver she makes a pit stop and an outlet mall to buy some cosmetics from a nothing less than amazing store called The Cosmetic Company Store. Call me “Late” if you are already up on this amazing store but she put me onto it and I fell in love. Discounts on many different cosmetic lines such as Mac, Bare Minerals, Clinic, Bobbi Brown, and many more department store counter brands!! There are over 70 different locations throughout the United States.

mac-cosmetics-displayI have done my research and have yet to find a website for this amazing company but it seems because each stores inventory is different. If you have missed any of the previous Mac limited lines it is a great idea to check out one these stores near you because I found many items from the “Hey, Sailor” Summer 2012 Collection. Also, Mac rarely ever goes on sale so this is a great way to get it at a discount. If you are a makeup newbie I would recommend going with a friend who may be knowledgeable with the lines because the staff didn’t seem very knowledgeable but they were very friendly! So if you missed some great items from any previous collections I would definitely check out one of the locations. You may search on OutLet Bound and search by store to find out a location near you!


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