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Product Review: Rimmel Stay Matte

So Rimmel Stay Matte collection has been raved about all over the internet! I have been using the Stay Matte Pressed Powder and I am absolutely in Love!!!! I use it for blotting on all my clients and I also use it in my personal makeup kit daily. I am not much for drug store […] Read more…

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Get Discounted Mac Products (No License Needed)

So it was my best friends 30th bday and we spent the weekend in Steam Boat Springs, Co. Driving back into Denver she makes a pit stop and an outlet mall to buy some cosmetics from a nothing less than amazing store called The Cosmetic Company Store. Call me “Late” if you are already up […] Read more…

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Oily Skin? We Can Take Care Of That

Ok Ok OK!!! I know what you are thinking! What The Heck!!! Yes, Milk of Magnesia is a great way to cure that oily skin before you put on your makeup for the day. If you don’t already know I have the oiliest of oiliest skin ever. I use this product on my face after […] Read more…